Culture in Maison Edward’s’ is the first concept and concerns a shared way of thinking and living. Over the decades, Maison Edward's approach to furniture design and interior decoration as a cultural phenomenon has led to the formation of an efficient, dynamic, and novel style in the lifestyle of Iranians in the modern era. The comprehensive trends, values, and integrated patterns present in Maison Edward's design and production system have always been directly linked to innovation and the evolution of creative capabilities, derived from the life experience of two generations in this field.

This specialized culture in Maison Edward's also influences the process of management and the curation of interior architectural projects. It embodies a holistic concept, infusing the Collection with an accumulation of elements related to the Iranian lifestyle customs and traditions. With such an approach, each product created within this Collection, along with all the artists, craftsmen, and workers of Edward’s workshops, plays a significant role in defining Maison Edward’s culture, of which they are each a major part.

The furniture and elements related to interior architecture in Maison Edward's culture, besides having a unique artistic expression, also aims to create a meaningful relationship by interacting with its clientele. In this regard, every idea or cultural message conveyed by Maison Edward’s through mediums such as furniture, paintings, sculptures etc., serves as a vehicle for transmitting Maison Edward's cultural ideology and nurturing the tastes of its customers.