In Maison Edward's working method, technical skills and craftsmanship reach such a level of importance that they attain an intrinsic value. This is because the craftsman is considered an added capability in the execution of works. Maison Edward’s has always used not only the latest knowledge and mastery of the tools and techniques available at the time but also the selection, experience and arrangement of skilled workers, drawing from the best available talents. This is because the skill and personal creativity of each craftsman and designer are seen as crucial and most impactful on the final outcome.
A hallmark of Maison Edward’s is the recognition of contemporary materials and methods at the time of executing projects. For example, the use of fiberglass in the decades before the revolution in furniture making, as well as the insistence on using knot-free wood in the brand’s history, and attention to new materials such as plexiglass and mixed media in recent periods are characteristics of Maison Edward’s. The use of various material combinations in a single work and the production of integrated accessories by Edward's can be seen repeatedly in their works. Wrought iron and wood, wrought iron and stone, and bronze works are amongst these creations.
In summary, in the field of industry and production, innovative design, creative management, the craftsmanship skills of its artisans, and the use of different materials, all work together to achieve a constantly higher quality at Maison Edward's.