Maison Edward's follows a set of Governing Principles that, in a manner of speaking, are inspired by the behavior of Nature. The only system that has continued to persist throughout the millennia of history is Nature, loyal to its harmonic cycles of growth, production, decay and reproduction. Many ancient civilizations, including ancient Iran, borrowed much from Nature due to the significance of agriculture as the only reliable and steadfast facility required for their survival.

More simply explained, one can think of this system as synergistic cycles, as exemplified by the performance of each Season within a year, which leads to renewal and reproduction. This Nature based system has been less widely used since the Industrial Revolution, due to philosophical and economic reasons, and it is only in recent years that mimicry of Nature is again making a serious comeback, specially in cutting-edge technologies. In management terms, it can be explained by reference the pyramidal structure, where each element of production, in its position, with its creativity and personal capacities, can contribute to an exponential cycle of production, resulting in meaningful progress in both quality and time.

The primary factors of these harmonic cycles of production may be divided into the following several key sections, namely Culture, Design, Industry, Art, and Usage.