The cycle of ideation (idea generation), design, and artistic production at Maison Edward’s culminates in the comprehensive concept of design. In this definition, design in Maison Edward's approach is an efficient phenomenon resulting from the convergence of all its elements, with design thinking representing a practical solution for realizing all ideas in a holistic manner and receiving their approval from Maison Edward’s clientele.

In this context, the functionality of furniture, paintings, or sculptures develops and ultimately flourishes in a structured relationship with the profound concept of beauty. The complexity and mutual functionality of these items in the architectural concept will share semantic, structural, and aesthetic commonalities, which is the balance and dynamism Maison Edward’s aims to achieve. The application of each work finds meaning in interaction with the entire system, though it also possesses its own unique personality and ergonomics when considered individually.
Intelligent Use of Materials:
The intelligent use of materials and the approach related to the main idea emphasizes the symbolic function and dynamic interaction of items associated with individual furniture pieces, rugs, wall and ceiling decorations, and most importantly, lighting. Therefore, the practical aspect of items, whilst also paying attention to beauty and creating a sense of balance, is a constant concern and motivation in Maison Edward's thinking for innovative creations with profound content.